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Heart 2 Heart

Community Respite

Carer Service - Registered NDIA


Registered NDIA Services 

Core Budgets                                                                  Capacity Builiding 

Assistance with Daily Life - includes personal care               Support Coordination 

Assistance with Social & Community Particpation                Increased Social and Community Participation 

                                                                                    Improved Life Choices - See Below 

We do charge the TTP Payments - Temporary Transformation Payment On Line Items that have this available.    

Improved Life Choices 


As a NDIA Provider and a parent with special needs, contact us to see how we can help you with Support Coordination and Plan Management.

We also offer free Portal Training for all our participants so you can see how your plan is working. Its surprises me how many parents, carers or participants never really get shown how to use their own NDIA portal to view what is actually happening with their Funding. This is such an important part of being a participant to the scheme. Simple steps on viewing your budget will help you have a better understanding what is going on with funds being allocated and spent.