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Heart 2 Heart

Community Respite

Carer Service - Registered NDIA


Health And Safety 

We've love every minute of our journey in keeping our participants and workers safe 

Mark Miller - Business Owner 

Advance Dip OHS, Dip HR 

I firmly believe that everybody should have the right to work and or be involved with community programs in a safe and healthy state.

Lisa and I are consistently committed to providing services while never compromising the high-quality standards we have come to expect of ourselves.

We are extremely proud of the programs we offer, and hope they positively enrich the lives of the families we support and our staff. My role as HR/HSE Director is to ensure H2H CRCS processes are implemented and are continually improved to ensure best practice is achieved. Consultation is paramount to achieve this. I am continually engaging with staff.

We ensure that “an open door” policy is implemented and will always ensure that the best result is achieved by all parties involved.

As a parent with special needs children, l have learnt over the years of what was important in communication and feedback when our girls were using services and what we felt we missed.

Together with Lisa, I will ensure that we try and support you in maintaining a high level of communication at all times. I hold all relevant qualifications for this role.