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Heart 2 Heart

Community Respite

Carer Service - Registered NDIA


Thanks for visiting our Website. Our services can be used in Geelong, Surf Coast, Bellarine Peninsula & some areas of the Golden Plains Shire (Bannockburn, Teesdale & Lethbridge) 

To all our families that we have supported this year, I want to wish you a very merry christmas and thank you for entrusting us as your NDIS Provider.

We have welcomed over 75 participants into our Heart 2 Heart family since we become in operation.

Seeing us grow as a company, having learnt so much along the way, I stand proud of what we have achieved.

Our reputation is of high standards, which to me, l just do what l do, and want to do it right, to ensure the saftey of all our particpants and enforce the NDIS Model, Choice and Control.

We were award the Most Outstanding Community Respite Carer Service this year and have supported more placement students in learning.

What makes us who we are and the reputation we have in the Geelong region, is because of the support and trust you have had in us.

As we enter a new year, under our new company name, Compassionate Care 4 All,- CC4All (a merge with Compassionate Care 4 Kids - CC4K) we are opening another office in Colac, and have plans for further extension of offices in the future in rural parts of Victoria, we are excited.

Our sub groups are CC4 Kids, CC4 Youth, CC4 Adults.

Bec my new business partner, has the same values as me and we are both very excited to work as one.

The Trustee for Heart 2 Heart CRCS, will still be our registered name, so you will still see our name on documentation, something that was very important to me.

We will send an invite to each of you when our new facebook page is up, and our new website should be going live early next year... it is still under construction.

So from here, Merry Merry Christmas, and we look forward to seeing you in 2020 under Compassionate Care 4 All or CC4 All!

OUR OFFICE IS NOW CLOSED: Unless you have personal care shifts that we have already arranged to continue during the christmas break. We are giving our staff a break before our school holidays programs start along with our 1:1 supports.

I am even having a few days away from the office... but will be working to get everything ready for our new year....the final stages of the transition! So stay tuned for some emails from me.

Our office is now closed and will re open on the 2nd Januray.

The most outstanding Community Respite Carer Service in Australasia in 2019 - Sponsored by Disability Update

Nominated by Gen U 

Phone: 5275 2894 or 0475280691            Email: [email protected] - All enquires

Plan Management Email: [email protected]